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Event Name
SEP Aug 29

The Chairs Revisited

Following our five-star success with <i>Miss Julie</i> <b>(&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733; ThreeWeeks)</b> and <i>The Nine Lives of Antoine de Saint-Exup&#233;ry </i><b>( &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733; CafeBabel.com)</b> the veterans are back with a perfect lockdown party.<br><br>Picture an ancient couple, beached in life and marooned in some isolated spot, inviting many imaginary guests. Sometimes life is more absurd than fiction.<br><br>&quot;...performed with such tenderness and feeling.&quot; <b>Scotsman</b><br><br>&quot;...a pot-pourri of word-plays, slapstick and physical comedy. Well-paced theatre and highly entertaining. A wee bit like Waiting for Godot meets The Marx Brothers.&quot;<b> &#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733;&#9733; Herald</b><br><br><a href="https://www.vagabondproductions.weebly.com">www.vagabondproductions.weebly.com</a>


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Dear Vagabonds We met the one of you yesterday afternoon (Monday) when you were distributing flyers and we were sat on the side of the Dome just near the spiral staircase. We chatted for several minutes and heard all about the play. So we decided to come this morning. What an amazing performance. Thank you so much. The play - so cleverly updated - is so powerful. Your acting is extraordinary carrying such a high speed cavalcade of words and images without falter and with such expression of faces. Really appreciate what you have presented. All power to you here forward. Best wishes Roy Crowder and Jaye Joubert

Wed 17 Aug 2022