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Drag & Draw

"This is an absolute must see! Cannot recommend enough. This interactive show is so popular in Ireland - so excited it’s at Fringe this year! Don’t miss it!"

Marisa D

Drag & Draw

"Had an amazing time doing this in Dublin and am so thrilled the world gets to see it! Tends to fill up so I'd advise booking ASAP."

Joe L

30 Minute Musicals: Top Gun

"Went to the preview today. Music, dancing, comedy, buff bodies and naughtiness…what’s not to love! Go see it…"

Sheena P

Sian Davies: This Charming Man

"So funny and heartfelt and I loved the wig!"

Nikki M

Matt Hutchinson: Hostile

"Loved this - a real look at our perception of race, parenthood and Morrissey"

Nikki M

Mamoun Elagab: Why I Love White People

"A really funny guy"

Nikki M

William Stone: Lofi Jokes to Study/Relax to

"So funny - my chest hurts from laughing"

Nikki M

Pete Heat: Huge

"This man is magic! I kid you not, but he turned himself into a 2D shape... Would highly recommend!"

Neal M

Mr Sleepybum

"Excellent, high energy show. Had me and my 7 year old proper giggling!! Must see. Will be recommending to all my friends and if I can get a babysitter will try and see the adult show. Well done Jody 💗"

Donna C

Jo Griffin: The Power Hour

"Preview show No. 1 was excellent. Intimate as only 50% full as it was very wet Wednesday, but was well worth going. Fast witted and manic (in a good way) at times, thoughtful at others, well worth a visit. Saying no more as it would spoil it for you."

Coco C

ShakeItUp: The Improvised Shakespeare Show

"Really enjoyed this show, they were good thinking on their feet, and the extra lines supplied by the audience added some nice chaos to the mix. Show WILL be different every day, so go pay a visit or two."

Coco C

The Maids

"Intriguing show. Mainly silent acting, mime & dance, but some spoken Korean, no English. This did not detract from the excellent performances by Eun ji Lim and Eseul Kim. The actions told you what they were saying. Definitely worth a visit. Hopefully the 5 speakers and lights on the stage front are 100% fully waterproof, and best not to sit in front row."

Coco C

Ted Hill: Tries and Fails to Fix Climate Change

"Reminded me of my ex"

Nikki M

Mr Sleepybum

"My grandchildren words "It was excellent and funny" , "it was hilarious" and " I liked throwing balls at him". Excellent show with great interaction. Great laugh. Well done Mr Sleepybottom. Hope to see adult show."

Janet W


"Brilliant. Heartrending. West End?"

Sheena P

Police Cops: The Musical

"I see Police Cops every year….Pure comedy at its finest. GO SEE THIS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Neal M

The Dark Room for Kids!

"John is a genius. Easily one of the best shows at the fringe… NON-STOP LAUGHTER ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Neal M

Mythos: Ragnarok

"The Nordic narrative that WWE is missing. Absolute banger of a show!"

Patrick L

Sophia Cleary: It Gets Worse

"I was so blown away by this show!! Somehow Cleary straddles this fine line between utter subversion and heartfelt relatability. It’s chaotic in just the right way, deeply real but also hilariously sardonic. Kind of feel like I jumped into the deep end of a pool and came out the other side with the entire audience having gone through something poignant, unhinged and totally unforgettable."

Rebecca S

The Umbilical Brothers: The Distraction

"Very original! Definitely worth going to see."

Beatrice Q

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